Title: Patek-Ecklon or Circulations in the Tenderloin

Exterior mural intervention during my solo show ‘Structurally Sound’, September 2013

Coordinator: Poisia, Graffuturism & Derek Chamberlain.

Location: Corner of Larkin & Post in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, CA. [Mural is no longer on sight]

Details: Acrylic polymer and enamel spray paint on primed brick and cinderblock, original signage. 34’w x 18’h. Assistance by Michael Covington.

The Patek-Ecklon type and the crown logo are the original buildings signage painted in the mid 40's. I wanted to make sure I respected the original signage, even though the business is defunct, it's still a bit of a landmark ghost sign.