Books and Catalogues

AUGUSTINE KOFIE: PRINTED MATTER, Monograph, Zero Publishing, 2023

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2022, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, Maxime Delcourt, 2022

The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti , Susan A. Phillips, Yale University Press, Cover art & Interview, 2019

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2018, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, 2018

Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 1, 2, 3. Edition 2015-2017, Jerome Catz & Sebastien Pierrefuex of Spacejunk Art Centers, Self Published, 2018

Street Art, Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Ed Bartlett, Lonely Planet Books, 2017

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2015, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, 2015

Mural XXL: What Graffiti and Street Art Did Next, Claudia Walde, Thames & Hudson, 2015

The Art of the Mural Volume 1: A Contemporary Global Movement, Schiffer Books, 2015

KOFIE: KEEP DRAFTING, Monograph, Zero Publishing, 2015

Gamme Proforma, REWIRE, Gamma Proforma, Featured Artist, 2014

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2014, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, 2014

Inspiring Space: CBRE's journey to a new way of working, Nary La, CBRE Group, 2013

The World Atlas of Street Art & Graffiti, Rafael Schacter, Yale Press, 2013

Urban Art Biennale Völklingen; Meinrad Maria Grewenig, Catalog, 2013

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2013, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, 2013

Augustine Kofie: Select Exhibition works 2001-2012, Self published, 2013

Daniel Feral, Futurism 2.0, Gamma Proforma, Catalog, 2012

Art, Design, Life: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Catalog, 2012 

Monokrome: Volume 2, Robert Whitlocke, Monokrome Publishing, 2012

De L’Art Contemporarin Urbain: Le Guide 2012, Graffiti Art Magazine, Catalog, 2012

Walls & Frames: Fine Art from the Streets, Maximilliano Ruiz, Gestaltan, 2011

Graffiti 365, Jay Eldin, Abrams, 2011

Street Art: The Best Urban Art From Around the World, KET, Michael O’Mara Books LTD., 2011

i am 8-bit: Art Inspired by Classic Video games of the '80s, Jon M. Gibson, Chronicle Books, 2009

Street Art, Ric Blackshaw & Liz Farrelly, RotoVision Publishing, 2008

Mural Art: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World, Kirakos Losifidis, Pubukat Press, 2008

Graffiti LA: By Steve Grody, Abrams Publishing, 2007

MOVEMENT: Hip-Hop in L.A. -1980’s to Present, Department Of Cultural Affairs/ Exhibition, Catalog, 2006

GRA(FF)ITE, Crewest Gallery, Catalog, June, 2014

Love Yone, Yasumasu Yonehara, Office Samasama, August 2004

Capital Art on the Culture of Punishment Vol 3 #2, Catalog, 2001


Articles and Reviews

BL!SS Magazine #127, Feature Interview and cover, March 2018

Télérama Paris, Build From Memory, review, 2017

Graffiti Art magazine France, TAKING SHAPE review, Issue #24, Spring 2015

SANE Magazine; Japan, Interview, Shoko Tanaka, July 2015

Contrast Magazine: Chasing The Dream Issue, Feature, Fall 2014

Miyato, Kenshiro; Ollie Magazine Japan; "Cutting Edge" feature, Issue 12 / V. 188, December 2014

Kristian Rosén, Le Petit Voyeur Magazine [Denmark], Feature, Summmer 2014

Roland Henery; VNA Magazine Issue 26 , 'The Draftsman', Feature interview, Summmer 2014

Jesús Pacheco; Reforum, 'Abre La Roma Nueva Galeria', Mexico City, May 2014

“Bizarre Beyond Belief”, Volume 1, Issue 6, Todd Mazer Interview, Fall 2012 

Graffiti Art magazine France, Feature Interview, Issue #16, Summer 2012

Ji Myeong, ELLE Girl Korea, ”Walking with Art”, June 2011

Mazer, Tom; LA Canvas, “Mindshaft Math”, March 2011

Laidlaw, Jen; Granville Online, “Street artists colour Vancouver hotel in shades of abstraction”, March 2011

Juxtapoz Art + Culture Magazine, Feature Interview with El Mac, Issue #117, October 2010

Omai, Kiwamu; Custom Lowriding Magazine, Japan. “Art On The Wall”, 2009

Piedmont Post, Oakland CA, “Art Review: First Friday Art Walk”, 2007

East Bay Express, Oakland CA, “Critics Choice” 2007

iO Wright, Overspray Magazine “The Left Coast” Feature Interview, 2007

Shelley Leopold; LA Weekly, “Obamanation”, 2007

GRAB Magazine/ Italy, Feature, Volume 1, Spring, 2007

The KGH Magazine “Spotlight”, Issue 0, 2007

COLOR magazine, ‘Cover Story”, AGENDA Exhibition Catalog Issue For Trade Show. 2007

Warp Magazine JAPAN, ”L.A. Issue”, Feature interview, Volume 5 #62, 2004

Free & Easy JAPAN, ‘Spotlight’,  Vol. 7 #74, 2004

Johnson, Reed; Los Angeles Times, “A Protest In Paint”, February 11, 2004

Urb Magazine, “NEXT 100″, Spring, 2003

BOOM Japan, New arrival, MAR 2003

GET ON, US Transmitta feature, November 2003

Ollie Japan #47, WALL STREET, interview and feature, 2003

Ollie Japan #52, Draftsmen press, 2003

Kawata, Shize; +81Japan, “Stones Throw & Kofie”, Feature Interview, Volume 19, Spring 2003

Dazed & Confused JAPAN, Issue 11, February 2003

PUTA, V1 Issue 2, USA, Illustration feature, Roberts, Todd, 2003

+81, Volume 19, Stones Throw, featured art, 2003

Flyer Magazine, Issue 6/ “Precision Bombing”,  Feature interview 2002

WARP Magazine japan, #076 2002, LA Streetz style UNION, modeling

Studio Voice Japan, Volume #314, Kofieone, Feature page, 2002

Studio Voice Japan, Volume #321, Kofieone, wright up, September 2002

SP Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 3, Dilated Peoples cover illustration, 2002

SP Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 4, Blackalicious cover illustration, 2002

SP Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 5, Jurssic 5 cover illustration, 2002

GET ON, December 2001, GET TUNE Draftsmen press

Big Time Magazine, Summer 1999

Rap Pages Magazine “Graff Pages”, February 1999