Title: Ekkolokation. Executed during the 'Out In The Open' Mural Festival, 2021. Aalborg, Denmark.

Coordinator: Lene Kirk for Kirk Gallery.

Location: Reberbansgade 33. Aalborg, Denmark

Details: Acrylic polymer and enamel on plaster.

Photos: Betina Fleron

Many thanks to: Kirk Gallery, Dianna, Plus Malergrossisten, The Simonsen family, KLU Materiel Nord & Kompas Hotel.
“I am very pleased to present ‘Ekkolokation’, my mural contribution to the ‘Out In The Open 2021’.
I was first approached by the gallery to contribute to the festival over a year ago, but Covid postponed my travel until August 2021.

When Lene proposed the mural’s location, I did my usual research via Google maps to locate the wall and observe its multiple vantage points onto the neighborhood. It was a unique location, with its confluence of paths, pedestrian walkways, one-way roads and a train line system all intersecting at the foot of the wall. I created a hand-drawn illustration incorporating the architecture of the building, its windows, the triangular rooftop and rectangular base. I also took into consideration the community of rooftops of neighboring homes that seem to echo down the block.

Ekkolokation is an abstract composition that highlights 4 triangular shapes echoing each other near the top of the wall, all shadowing one another, lit up from different angles by varied light sources. They come together like the multiple paths that converge upon the site. Structurally complimenting the angles of the home's rooftop, the 4 triangles are supported by several transparent level squares, which in turn echo the bottom part of the building.

I designed the mural on the basis of these two concepts, echo and convergence, which have visual, sonic, structural and social articulations, allowing the mural to echo and speak to the city and to highlight and amplify this site of convergence.”
- Augustine Kofie