Title: L’esprit Nouveau

Client: Grenoble Street Art Fest

Exterior mural intervention for June, 2016

Coordinator: Spacejunk Art Center, Actis and the Mayor of Grenoble.

Location: 50 Arlequin at Maison des Buttes of Villeneuve in Grenoble, France.

Details: Acrylic polymer on recently installed insulation in stucco finish. 11 stories. 119' x 69', 8,211 sq ft.

Notes: Villeneuve, originally built in 1972, the location of 50 Gallery Harlequin is under a major rehabilitation, worth over 8.6 million Euros, which is led by Actis to improve the quality of life, reduce energy consumption, open the village to the city. This major upgrade prefigures the renovation of the entire neighborhood Arlequin in the coming years. This mural commission comes to give a final touch to the renovation of the building.’