Notes from the KEEPDRAFTING Blog:

Futurismo Mural progress [Day4]
The Institute Richelmy building
Between Corso and Via del Sarto Tassoni, via Medail 13.
Torino, Italy
Assisted by Vesod and Wens.

After spending a major week in London for the Futurism 2.0 show with GammaProforma I flew down to Torino, Italy to start a large mural for the Picturin Festival. Riccardo invited me down earlier in the year and I decided to schedule this project between London and my various projects in Cape Town.
The mural is currently being painted on an active construction sight, so hard hats and steel toe shoes are mandatory. The Richelmy building I’m painting is a completely new edition of surface and stucco attached to an old Catholic school that is in the process of being refurbished with the new additions. Were told that the space will be in open use, so the space could become living quarters or a school.
I submitted the sketch just a month before arrival, and truthfully I didn’t do my research on the environment, but that didn’t seem to matter. As I look upon the neighborhoods from the top of the scaffold , all I see are terra cotta tiles in creams and reds, ivory and grey buildings, construction cranes and new construction developments in an old, classic Italian City. My sketches color selection subconsciously reflect many of these color arrangements. The mural Is becoming an abstraction of the surroundings managed and balanced by line, order and form, hence the murals name, Futurino. It’s sort of perfect as my favorite artist from the Futurism movement was an Italian paper architect named Antonio Sant’Elia whos ‘New City’ illustrations still resinate and inspire today. 
On a sidenote/ strance coincidence, the building in named after a former Archbishop of Turin, Agostino Richelmy.
And many thanks go to Italian artists Vesod and the Torino OG, WENS of TOT Crew for their assistance on this wall project. True G’s and new friends for sure.