CaliforniaSoul soundtrack by 4×4Tracktor



I am very pleased to be contributiong to another international GRAFFUTURISM project. Samantha Longhi and Nicolas Chenus of GRAFFITI ART Magazine & OpenSpace Galeri reached out in early 2013 to begin talks on this extensive Graffuturism Paris exhibition, including 4 solo shows to follow the highly anticipated Group show in April. My inclusion marks my first true solo show outside of these United States as well as my first solo in Paris… A great personal accomplishment for me.  

As most of my shows I do my best to solidify a theme and a fitting title that best describes the works as well as continues to highlight my style. California Soul came to me as a perfect direction. A great way of bringing some of this progressive West Coast aesthetic and a costal cool sunwashed color pallette to Paris.

A little over a dozen new works on paper, wood and canvas will be on display from May 25 - June 6th, just a bit shy of 2 weeks. With all new works created since February, I continue my theme of finding balance with shape and form in each of the pieces, whether big or small. Contrasting soft color fields and washes with grid work and linear forms that speak of transition and structure. Themes touch on a golden state of mind, overcast optimism, southlandishness and the complexities of the good life in the rural paradise that he saw bulldozed into urban submission.